Apartaments in Puerto del Carmen La Tegala

Apartments in Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote island to enjoy your vacations. More »

Discover Lanzarote

Photos taken by tourists and residents the island of Lanzarote. More »

Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote

Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote

Los Jameos del Agua, like La Cueva de los Verdes, are located inside the volcanic tunnel created by the eruption of La Corona Volcano. Los Jameos del Agua are located in the section of the tunnel that is closest to the shore.


Kayaking in Lanzarote

Kayaking is easy and relaxing. A unique experience for anyone interested in practicing adventure activities in direct contact with nature. As well for professionals looking for a sporting challenge during summer, or a place to train in winter, given the optimal conditions and temperatures appropriate to the island of Lanzarote throughout the year.


Lanzarote Wine Run & Traditional Cuisine Festival 2017

Enjoy nature and gastronomy in a unique landscape.

Centres of art in Lanzarote

Centres of art in Lanzarote

The Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Lanzarote Town Council highly praise the island´s volcanic nature and offer seven sightseeing spots that really worth a visit for discovering the true essence of Lanzarote.


Sculpture of César Manrique

All the interventions that he did in city planning or architecture, almost always included sculptoric elementsThese sculptures did not have the continuity of “personal language”. Manrique would think them according to the places where they would be placed.


Holi 2017 in Puerto del Carmen

Every year, India celebrates the arrival of spring with lots of colours. We celebrate it singing, dancing, drinking and eating typical food of India.


Wind toys of César Manrique

An important part of César Manrique´s sculpture are his mobiles, what he called Wind Toy. These are solid structures, heavy, cast in iron, made up of spheres, circles, pyramids…that establish an interpenetrating complicated opposing rotational movement.Without doubt he had associated his images with the wind mills, abundant in Lanzarote in the past. He wanted to fill that geography with these substitute references, since the wind mills were disappearing. His plans included placing the Wind Toys in different strategic spots throughout the island.