How to arrive

Apartments La Tegala in Puerto del Carmen
César Manrique street nº 27, 35510 Tías – Lanzarote
How to arrive Apartments La Tegala in Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen is located in the south/eastern part of Lanzarote, in the municipality of Tías, and it constitutes one of the most important tourist centres of the island.

It transformed from a small fishing village into a most interesting and developed Tourist spot, due to large and magnificent beaches and a complete surrounding of services.

In the countryside from Tías you will find the protected landscape La Geria, with the most unusual vineyards in the world.

The landscape is the result of several important volcanic eruptions, that covered the area with lava ash.

This volcanic ash retains moisture from the air and prevents it from evaporation. The plants grow in a hollow to protect them from the trade winds.

In many wineries you are able to learn the history and process of the winemaking, with the opportunity to taste the wines.

The municipality of Tías tries to conserve Canarian culture and traditions, there is a local Theatre, Civil Center, and Art Museum. The islanders show a continued interest in, and respect of, the conservation of the environment. They take special care of the cleaning and maintenance of the wonderful beaches, small coves and beautiful corners. This is one of the reasons that Puerto del Carmen became one of the most important tourist resorts of the Canary Islands.

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