A Cliff Full of Life: La Pared in Lanzarote

A Cliff Full of Life: La Pared in Lanzarote

No matter how many times we do this dive, it always seems too short. The incredible wall it goes along hides all types of surprises, like brightly colored hanging encrusting anemone, a branch of orange coral, leopard sea slugs or big dusky grouper and trumpetfish that are always aware of our movements.

On the wall, at a depth of barely 5 m, a large group of rocks are home to all types of small creatures that can be enjoyed both during the safety stop and while snorkeling.

The most comfortable way to do this trip is by boat, descending directly to the cliff to look for life on the giant wall, as well as in the deep blue. In the western part of the cliff, at the bottom, some brightly colored hanging encrusting anemones grow that do not go unnoticed. While exploring the wall, before we know it, the SCUBA computer is telling us it is time to get out of the water. We will ascend to the surface rocks and enjoy the life that bustles there and enjoy the safety stop thanks to the entertainment provided by the biodiversity that shelters there.

If access is from the coast, it is better to swim on the surface to begin the dive in the deepest part, making the trip a little shorter, and then finish the dive going up the slope from the bottom.

The amount and variety of sponges that carpet the Puerto Del Carmen cliff is something truly surprising. If we count the different species that can be observed in one square meter of the wall, we will become aware of how numerous and distinct they are. We are dealing with an animal that normally goes unnoticed, but stands out in this area because of their diversity, abundance and color.