A Dive for All Likes and Levels

A Dive for All Likes and Levels

The areas surrounding El Muellito (The Little Pier) and the two jetties at Playa Chica (Small Beach) are a magic place to enjoy both day and night dives. It is the perfect place to observe how the fauna change after dusk. This shallow dive is perfect for snorkeling, baptisms or for beginners to practice. Even experienced divers enjoy it after exploring the deeper walls.

From land or from boat, this area allows you to do 10 different routes for all levels. The variety of paths are appropriate for those who want to go for swim with masks and a snorkel, do a water baptism or even a night dive. This place is ideal because of the abundant life that gathers around Playa Chica and close to the shore near El Muellito.

With light from the sun, the schools of golden grey mullet, salema, white bream, seabream, striped seabream, colorful ornate wrasse and damselfish almost succeed in hypnotizing you. A short look over the rocks will allow you to discover colorful sea slugs like the one known as Hypselodoris picta.

During the night, the sand attracts fauna that looks nothing like what is seen during the day. The sandy areas turn into a virtual garden at night, full of anemones and all kinds of animals, such as cardinal fish, octopus or unusual ones such as white spotted octopus, bandtooth conger and red comb star. Once the sun sets, the majority of fish fall asleep, which makes it the invertebrates turn to have fun. Those that stand out are the narval shrimp that come up from the depths to feed, spotted bumble bee shrimp and the Harlequin crab.

D I D Y O U K N O W ?
The ornate wrasse, as well as many other species, is active during the day. It is very difficult to observe them at night, seeing as they look for a place to rest calmly without being found by their predators. This is why they bury themselves or hide cleverly in the small cracks in the rocks.

Let air out of the nose to descend without breathing. The air from our masks compresses because of the pressure of the water when we go down deep. This is why it feels like the masks put pressure on the face and you can feel a light suction feeling around the eyes. To avoid problems with this, just let out a little air from your nose. This will compensate for the change in pressure. It is very easy once you get used to it.

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