La Catedral in Puerto del Carmen

La Catedral in Puerto del Carmen

This is one of the most popular dives in Lanzarote and it might be because inside the cave called Catedral (Cathedral) lives the most famous animal on the island, the big dusky grouper that local divers call Felix.

This dive is comfortable and very complete; there are vertical walls to search for hidden life, immense cliffs where stingrays and angel sharks can be observed, caves with all types of fauna and even a small wreck if you are interested in getting close to it.

The route to get to the cave crosses a sandy area that offers the opportunity of surprising us with the amount of life that can take refuge in what seems like a desert. Gardener eels, spider fish, Atlantic lizardfish, wide-eyed flounder, sandcrab, angel shark and schools of fish, such as striped seabream or salema, can all be seen here.

Upon arriving at the cliff, it is very likely that a curious dusky grouper will be waiting and will accompany you for part of the dive. Before the cave, look for a small branch of black coral that will give you an idea of what the big forests are like in the deep blue. The return is made, in front of Playa Chica (Small Beach), over a shallow bottom that will keep you very entertained during the safety stop.

Remember that there are two entrance and exit points in this area, the pier and the beach. You can enter completely geared up from the ladder on the pier by taking one big step, looking forward and adjusting your regulator and masks with one hand. To exit, if there are waves, it is better to wait for it to take you over to the landing and from there grab hold. Act quickly to avoid getting thrown off balance or hitting the stairs.

The dusky grouper, along with many other fish, can change sex throughout their life. Within this species, all fish are born female. After they grow to 83 cm long, they change into a male; which is why the larger ones, like Felix, are all males. Local divers have saved Felix’s life on several occasions, by removing a hook stuck in his throat. Maybe he is so friendly and trusting with divers because of this.

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