Responsible diving in Lanzarote

Responsible diving in Lanzarote. If you like diving please read the following recommendations.

Responsible diving in the Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve:

1) Avoid swimming too close to the seabed; your fins can disturb sediments which might harm sessile or filter species.
2) Don’t remove objects or living creatures during your dives; the best souvenirs are the memories of diving in a pristine natural environment.
3) Protect subaquatic life: make a rule of not touching, feeding, chasing or disturbing marine organisms.
4) Leave only bubbles behind. Discarding rubbish into the sea can damage marine habitats and gravely affect biodiversity.
5) Take care to dive with people and organisations with a due respect for nature and legal compliance.
6) Ensure that you dive in accordance with the set regulations. Speak out if you come across irresponsible practice.
7) Avoid overturning rocks or moving elements on the seabed. Many creatures use them as shelter and their survival depends on being able to stay out of sight.
8) If diving in seagrass meadows, be aware that these are very sensitive areas and serve as protective nurseries for fish and invertebrates. Don’t pull up the seagrass, which is a marine flowering plant and not seaweed.
9) Responsible diving is a highly rewarding activity, allowing you to interact with an extraordinary and fascinating part of our natural world.
10) Take part in educational and conservation activities; the protection of the oceans is in our hands. Let the diving adventure continue!