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Cactus Garden Lanzarote

The Jardín de Cactus is a magnificent example of an architectonic intervention integrated into the landscape. César Manrique created this audacious architectonic complex whilst maintaining the unshakeable pairing of art and nature that is so tangable in all his interventions. The garden is located in the middle of an agricultural landscape, the heart of the island’s cochineal cultivation.

Windsurf and Stand up Paddle Surf in Lanzarote

Windsurf and Stand up Paddle Surf in Lanzarote

Get seduced by Stand Up Paddle Surf and enjoy its practice from the very first moment.


Teguise in Lanzarote

Although Teguise ceased to be the capital of Lanzarote in 1852, Its seigniorial air and the beauty of its architecture remind us of its noble past at every moment.

Spain's Basketball Championship Female (Junior)

Spain’s Basketball Championship Female (Junior)

The Spanish National Junio Basketball Championship reaches its final phase on the idyllic island of Lanzarote where the country’s top 32 teams will battle for the national trophy.