Tías in Lanzarote


The Municipality of Tías is one of the most attractive in Lanzarote from a tourist point of view.

Located in the centre-south of the island, the life of the area is almost entirely dominated by the sea. Its magnificient beaches of white sand, with a few rocks and salients, constitute a very strong attraction for the visitor.

All along the coast which covers the Tías municipal area are some of the largest tourist urbanizations in Lanzarote. One of the most important tourist centres is “Puerto del Carmen”. It is located in a natural cove in which the fishing boats usually tie up, so that it combines a genuine marine flavour with the splendid recreational, cultural and hotel installations.  Starting from “Puerto del Carmen” and up to the “Peñas del Burro”, a beautiful beach of transparent waters extends “Playa Grande”, one kilometre in length and following upon this, from the “Punta de Piedras de Cimas”, there is a series of small beaches combined with a few rocky salients. Tías is situated inside the municipal area, in a small smoothly sloping hump.

The architecture of Tías is of great beaty as it maintains a perfect balance with its surroundings. In the interior of this area, in the heart of the island, and bordering on the municipal area of San Bartolomé, is the Valley of “La Geria”. It constitutes an unmistakeable landscape of lava and lava layers. It is one of the most characteristic landscapes of Lanzarote, an example of the islander’s ingenuity in the face of barren soil curious forms of cultivation, protected by walls of volcanic stone: the famous “Zocos”. A result of this cultivation is the legendary Malvasía wine, a golden, fresh wine combines well with fish. Malvasia constitutes the victory of the country-people of Lanzarote over a hostile environment, over the apparently infertile “malpaís”.

A central road runs through the Valley of “La Geria” which has become one of the most important and frequented tourist routes.

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