Tradition in Lanzarote

Tradition in Lanzarote

There is a great tradition of pottery and products derived from the leaves of palm trees and other plant fibers, as well as diverse and renowned textile crafts. Highlighted are pottery jars, pots and ceramic oil lamps or earthenware made with primitive tools or by hand.

For its originality we have to mention the figures of the bride and groom «from» the pillar, a couple of human figurines with over-developed sexual attributes that were exchanged during the betrothal ceremony.

Those derived from plant fibers are favoured for works of basketry rushes, such as palm, small palm and thatch of rye, while in the area of textile works there have rooted loom products; rosette draft, embroidery, crochet and point and a half.

Characteristic of the island is the empleita, palm leaf, from which mats are made, bags and the tool used to shape the cheese.

At Teguise the famous Timple is made, traditional musical instrument of Lanzarote that dates back to the era of the conquerors. Also interesting are the openworks, rosettes and laces and hats made from palm leaves characteristic of the countryside people.

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