Waikiki in Puerto del Carmen: A Tropical Dive

Waikiki in Puerto del Carmen: A Tropical Dive

The exotic name of this dive site captivates you instantly.

When we go deeper into the water amongst the dense rocks at just a few meters deep, the play of light from the sun and the reflection off the white sand gives this place a truly tropical flavor. The dive could be done in this area alone, but in reality this spot is reserved for the security stop or for snorkeling because the site has much more to offer us if we go down to the cliff.

The dive begins from the anchoring line along the line of buoys that mark off the swimming area. It descends leaving to one side the border of large rocks that extends out towards the coast and, on the other side, a sand slope that goes down to the drop off. We go down the sand to the cliff, following one of the two rock crests depending on the current, which can be strong in this area, and our own preference. At the end of the crest more to the east, at a depth of 18 m under a ledge, grows one of the shallowest branches of orange coral in the Canaries. In the deepest part of the cliff (at about 28 m), to the east, we will find a small cave with a large size hanging encrusting anemone accompanied by fairy basslet.

Orange coral preferably live between 50 and 200 m and can form forests. They are found in Lanzarote at 18 m. Upon seeing them at these depths, we should feel fortunate that they have dared to live in such shallow waters. They grow very slowly and have little ornamental value given that once dead, their color disappears completely, leaving them white like bone. Breaking orange coral to take as a keepsake is a sign of double ignorance.

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